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Hi my name is Nathan and I’m from Melbourne Australia. I’m a student at the University of Pennsylvania and I’m a freshman in college of arts and sciences but I’m planning to do an uncoordinated door to gray between the college and Wharton.

Knowing every day I have about 30 minutes before class and I get changed to brush my teeth grow out of that and then all my class Spanish is just over here. We were just across the road and right off of the economics no way. Sometimes I get an hour break until my writing seminar class. And.

I normally end my days at around one o’clock so where are we now.

So we’re in the quad. It’s like a combination of three college houses raped where fish are pretty much where all the freshmen live. It’s meant to be the hub of the freshmen experience right. Yeah! and so on. So what classes are you taking? Sir. I just came from econ so I’m taking econ 1 macro economics. I’m taking Spanish I’m taking a training seminar and this community service course called urban asshole. Yeah. So what do you ultimately want to drink? So I’m not too sure about my majors yet but I’m looking to do a uncoordinated don’t agree with the College of Arts and Sciences but guess what I am already and what is good business.

 I don’t know what I want to major in but I kind of know what I wanted to do in the future which the social impact is consulting in any way. I guess in the lines of environmental consulting or Community Development Consulting sir and I think that doing it daughter great between college and Wharton I guess like the perfect way to do like. That sort of best of both worlds saying like you’re helping people but also doing what you want to do as a career sort of the Wharton cycle almost equip you with the business.

 And then but then you’ll still get sort of a liberal arts base. Of course!

Where at Lindsay trough one of the most popular breakfast sandwich trucks on like for art and so on first and you’ll have lines about 30 40 people coming off the class and the lady actually never writes down any orders. Just like memorize everyone’s orders everyone’s faces so she knows your order. Yeah. So my eyes a long roll with sausage egg and cheese and bacon. So if I come back tomorrow I shall be like sausage egg back and cheese and a long roll. And she was like yeah. Oh good. Yeah let’s get a.

Beer in the courtyard of Huntsman’s more free nice study It’s Time I Feel the kids from the sporting school things up at the Wharton School of Business go to study and just hang out.

Okay great. So a lot of words in classrooms here but also a lot of sound like meeting rooms.

Yes. There’s a lot of Jazzercise like group study rooms where people go to study. Some people will have conferences and the like online conferences. It’s also where or the Wharton MBA students come. So just over there in front of us Is that what an MBA. And so it’s just a mix of like undergraduate students and I must. Say I must a degree student as well. I have a club meeting for global impact collaborative. That’s one of the consulting groups at Penn. It’s a social impact focused consulting group that works with a bunch of social enterprises and so you’re essentially assigned teams for table and get a project leader.

 And you work on various I guess social enterprises. The one that I’m working on is called wise Kenya stands for Women in sustainable enterprises in Kenya. And so essentially I guess like what we’re trying to do is that in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya there’s a I guess like a fisher folk sort of village that with mostly women and. They like during the off season when there’s not as many fish. They obviously can’t I guess get that much fish and sell them so they don’t have that much profit in there.

 So in those times so what we’re trying to do is essentially help them diversify and promote eco tourism in the area. That’s just essentially helping them in the business world of the living.

Yeah. So is that why it’s Kenya. Is that a project that you’ll be working throughout the entire year?

Or how did that work. So I think how I see it works is you pretty much do it until like I don’t really need you anymore. So like the project. Yeah. But I know for certain that most clubs just do business along projects.

I think jazz is a bit different in the sense that like you could be working in it for like a year if you wanted to.

So where are we? What is this long walkway?

So this is like a store. It’s very much the iconic walkway of the University of Pennsylvania where only frat houses are loyal class. Most of the classes buildings are mostly like the larger buildings in the store are located on this floor. So I guess overall what is.

Social life what’s nightlife like

Okay. So for me Oh I guess every pensioner there’s like always going to be something happening like every other day like. If you wanted to party every single day you definitely could you could you can. Yeah there’s like something happening in a basement somewhere here or in like a rooftop somewhere here somewhere. On any given on any given night felt like of course unlike your Thursday Friday Saturday you’re going to have liked the biggest events. Then they’re normally like off course there’s like over the anywhere from like.

400 to 500 people in one house at a time. If you want to like I guess have a social life in ten. It’s not really all about fraternities and sororities for sure. I think only like 30 or 20 percent of students at Penn join like Craig like. So like there’s definitely other opportunities like for example like clubs and extracurricular at Penn which. Like a large number of people at Penn join. I’d say almost all students are involved in like five or six things like Do you have consulting groups you have like such an impact.

 You have cultural groups. And like in like all of those groups you have like made a number of people like people on the board. Other freshmen that are joining as well and like really it’s pretty like you would have to try pretty hard to like. I guess isolate yourself from people and just go Yeah.

I’d have to say that coming to America. I sort of had the knowledge that people are a lot more ambitious there. But like coming into Penn I didn’t really know how ambitious Penn sense of it and like. It sort of hit me like that. How professional the school is and how driven every single student is like you come here and like. Like almost all the students know what they want to do what they want to major in life what they don’t want to do. And like it’s such a big shock

 And like it’s not a bad shot because it sort of drives I guess especially me to sort of like find exactly what I want to do myself as well. And. Like I’ve been your eyes like new career path that you like did it really consider because you heard someone saying that oh like I want to do this.

Don’t focus too much on academics like lost that important. I think the thing that universities really look for like who you are what you do like what you offer to the university. And because there are thousands of really really smart kids who apply every year and don’t get in. And that’s purely just by the fact that the university can’t really see a place where they fit in there sort of like in their community. So like. I guess the biggest sort of advice would be to work out like what you offer to the university and to really develop.

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