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Venturing into the unknown. That’s what it’s about. I wake up as a scientist thinking about things we don’t know.

Ideas excite me. Yeah. And they have consequences.

With each new note you add it as if the whole universe has changed. Let the best ideas come forward.

The idea is really do have consequences. Ideas can change the world. No university universities better able to do that than you receive. Chicago. The University of Chicago’s Urban global courageous unusual phenomenal unrivaled rigorous fabulous outspoken economics and teacher pushing borders invigorated and intellectual crucible that pushes you to be your best every day. University of Chicago is who we are.

From its inception the University of Chicago focused on rigorous intense inquiry to find everything about what the University of Chicago is today and what it will be in the future.

The core curriculum at Chicago is the symbol of who we are. Our mission is to get various holiday students to put them through the of systematic interdisciplinary training. Then four years later graduate Chicago intellectuals.

It’s not about teaching dogma. It’s not about teaching rules.

Development of the mind and the inquiry of the mind across many subjects.

The ability to sort through a complexity evaluates evidence to fund one’s arguments listen to other people’s arguments and not just dismiss them.

We aren’t just talking at each other where we’re listening and at the end of the class. I may have a completely different perspective on the issue. I consider that my job here is to help them build their weaknesses into strengths.

I’ll bring up a discovery that we’ve made. Then I’ll proceed to criticize my own discovery through self-criticism when they see me able to do it on my own where they feel comfortable to chime in and all of a sudden you create a learning culture of critical inquiry.

The professors here were just incredible. You have mentor relationships that just form really easily because you work so closely.

Some excellent students over the years. They were very much my teachers. It changed my work. It just exposed me to a world of ideas.

I was the beneficiary of a scholarship of the University of Chicago. Mind you I was not a citizen of the United States had no idea what I’m going to stay in this country. I could not have gone to business school without that scholarship.

The Odyssey scholarship is supporting me in a very basic way. It’s allowing me to live so that I can focus on my academics attracting the best students regardless of their financial situation.

There’s a good thing about Chicago.

I just feel so grateful that I was that I was selected to kind of be among the minds and the intelligence and the incredible people’s then the best experience of my life.

I think supporting young people to pursue their dreams opens up the world to you. All we ask of anybody is that they do the same to the next generation.

They’re part of an intellectual community that attracts individuals who are intellectually fearless. It’s a given take culture that’s rigorous asking deep questions. You get pushed to think beyond your imagination. No one assumes that you are correct just because you are making assertions. I don’t care how many medals or honors you have. Show me why this is right today. These are very distinguished faculties of very high powered scholars that will bring together experts from different disciplines to help solve problems.

In higher education today the humanities are really in retreat. We really think that its responsibility to continue to foster growth of the humanities.

You can’t really put a value on one humanities course because it mushrooms and it bubbles and it and it goes on for somebody’s entire life.

A colloquium will allow teams of humanists from all over the world to tackle problems that society needs to deal with.

The Institute of Molecular engineering is organized around solving water energy health problems through design and matter from molecules up exciting because it is new for both the university and for engineering in general. When you discipline just solving one of all these problems what would happen would be tremendous.

Cities are both the source and locus of enormous creativity and energy. They are likewise the locus of some of the most difficult problems that society faces.

The University of Chicago is part of the community. We have patients who are neighbors and we learn from one another.

We’re exploring opportunities to create more portals for the community and people in the city to come into the university and both get some of the knowledge that we have but also share their knowledge with us.

This presents an opportunity to address these extremely difficult problems and an opportunity to be contributing to and participating and a great creative explosion that cities represent.

There are not very many institutions that are at the level of University of Chicago. The academic and scholarship side that are in a city that have need around them that are committed to having that impact.

Lots of people are skeptical about the ability to use social programs to prevent crime. When we’ve tried to do is structure our research projects like randomized trials and medicine to generate evidence that is so rigorous and so compelling that the most skeptical skeptic will have to acknowledge that there’s really something here. One year of participation in Youth Guidance and Becoming a Man program reduced violent crime arrests of these kids by over 40 percent which I think really challenges the conventional wisdom that the only way that you can control crime and violence in the States is through locking up millions and millions of people.

 The city is a place that you can test out these theories and if you show the impact. It has global reach billions of people not just millions billions of people that you can get to.

It’s very important in a word which is becoming more integrated.

That you have these global universities to get the students out of the classroom into the living environment. No better way of doing it than knowing you’re living there. We now have a rather more ambitious global strategy with the same goal standard quality of curriculum teaching.

Students are going to want an experience of understanding other cultures because this is going to be the world that they are functioning in over the coming decades can we bring people scholars politicians administrators from these different areas also together to discuss what’s going on to debate big challenges facing the world.

Think about what we humans are facing in the world is really understanding climate change. The Marine Biological Laboratory has gotten very good at monitoring that climate change but that depends on technologies. That’s where the Argonne National Laboratory is the Institute of Molecular engineering the kinds of people who are developing the computational tools for monitoring can be brought together with ecologists. So really we can bring these combinations together in powerful ways.

Even illness limits society and accordingly fixing that addressing it is hugely important. It’s transformative. I had been diagnosed with metastatic or advanced breast cancer in 2003. The first thing Doctor for me all the party said to me is I want to find out more about your tumor so that I can personalize the treatment for both you and the tumor. I remember Shelly telling me you know my son just went to college. I want to see him graduate. The survival rate for metastatic diseases was one to two years. I really must say that I have survived the odds.

 I mean I’m still sitting here standing here 10 years plus you know what it’s worth every day getting up I’m supporting patients like car.

We have an enormous obligation to the people who gave us the opportunity today to do what we deal with these young people and in turn they have an obligation to support those who come after us.

The question for us today is how we realize these values in a powerful way going forward.

How can we take advantage of aberrant calcium signals in treating neurodegenerative disease? How do we place those materials or we cycle them. How can I teach my students to write their music their own way?

The university is really made by the people in it really very competitive very unruly. I don’t want to call it perfection seeing all the crazy amazing things that they’re doing.

Curing diabetes cancer innovation more entrepreneurship new ventures new technologies really forces me to push for something beyond what I’m doing.

It’s a big universe here. There’s so much to be done and this is the place where the future can be transformed and changed.

Together we’re spreading Grace and humanity together we are thinking about ways in which you can have an impact on society. Together we have the potential to change the way people think about urban problems. Together we make amazing discoveries possible. It’s part of our DNA. It’s who we are. Ours is a University of great discoveries. Ours is the University of Fearless Inquiry. Ours is the university that develops ideas for change the world. Thanks for reading this article. Please leave a comment.

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