How to succeed in online classes?


Hey guys it’s Erica. And I was blessed enough this semester to come back with straight A’s. Thank you Jesus I’m so excited. So I’ve to be a great time to create a how to ace online classes’ video for you guys. I love all my classes. Anytime they have an online option I’m always in there and all of my courses except my radiology program have pretty much been online so I thought I’d be the best person to tell you guys how to raise those online classes and I have seven tips for you guys said you guys are interested in taking on the classes a little bit of help but how to ace them are some tips and tricks and got you.

 Let’s go ahead and get started. OK so tip number one is going to be to prep off your syllabus and your assignment schedules for each and every one of your online classes. Usually I take about two to three online classes at a time. Right now I’m going to have about four. So what I’ll do is I’ll print out the syllabus for each one and the schedule for each one you need this because you need to have an outline of what’s going to be do and when it’s going to be do. Don’t rely on like looking it up on the computer or trying to do these different things.

 Mistakes can happen. You want to make sure that you have it in your face in your space and you want to make sure that you can schedule things out. You have to be able to see that and you have to be able to plan around for different classes because one test might be do here and another one’s due there and you want to make sure you have the big picture. So the first of which you want to do is print out your syllabus because you never know. Online courses always which can take like a syllabus quiz and you’ll have it right there in your face and you always want to have your schedules you know when things would do way ahead of time.

 So tip number two is going to be to use a planner. Now I love planners I love Aaron Condren my favorite planner right now is a 365 create planner they have cute stickers and like all types of things you can use to plan and for guys you don’t have to get into all this cuteness you can get a plane planner but planners are going to really save you because like I said you’ve had your schedule and your face of each and every one of these courses and then you can go to your planner and start doodling down when these things do.

 OK well my science course has project to do in this day and my English courses do this day in this day in this day. And you kind of have it laid out. So not only do you have your schedule but then you can look at the bigger picture on your platter. That’s super duper important. If you’re someone who’s always into light if you have a Blackberry or your Internet your phone and you can definitely use the calendar app on your phone. I don’t use that much was not something that I check unless I’m checking like the date.

 I don’t really go into the planner but a physical planner is just so helpful especially if you’re the type of person who does your work at Panera or Starbucks she likes to go out having that planner in your face is really going to help you out. Tips 3 and 4 kind of go together. The first one number three is going to need to set aside set times to complete your homework and your assignments. I love to go usually on a Tuesday or on a Wednesday like around my my neighborhood I guess you could say on Tuesday Starbucks has like a bunch of food and then on Wednesday they have nothing because everyone in their mom came to Starbucks and clean them out.

 So then I go to Panera on Wednesday but it really doesn’t matter because what I don’t have a lot of money to go to the library or go to another bookstore or something. But even in your house just set set times are a set day for you to kind of complete your homework and that goes to for number four which is going to be the complete assignments in bulk. I’m the queen of this. It is so helpful because you’re going to be times during your courses where you can get tired doing homework and when you are completing assignments and things in bulk you’re getting things done ahead of time and it gives you a lot of space to kind of relax and be lazy a little bit.

 And I need my lazy time. So what I like to do is sometimes I will do it five days. It just depends on how many courses they have. So say that I have two courses. So on Tuesday will be a day full of English. I will complete as many English assignments as I can. Maybe a week in advance maybe two weeks in advance depending on how long I stay out there maybe three hours I’ll just devote three hours to English so that whatever I can get done in this amount of time usually that’s about maybe three assignments or something.

 That’s three weeks ahead of time that I don’t have to do anything. Yes I could keep going and be ahead or I can just relax for a little bit maybe skip a week of work and then the next day if it’s my math course then I would do as many math assignments as I can to get ahead and just complete all of your standards in bulk and have set times for each course and how much time you’re going to spend doing that. I hope that makes sense but complete all your assignments in bulk is good main part and when you get here and to have those set times because if you have a set time that you’ve just allotted to get homework done you can really get in there and get a lot done and have a lot more rest.

 Number five is going to be to check your school email routinely check it as much as you want to check it. I was horrible at this. I would just I check my normal and personal emails but I would never check my school email and I’d check it maybe once a month or once every two weeks or something like that and it would tell me I’m giving you more time to complete this assignment to make a better grade or I’m doing it be like amazing things and I would miss them because I wasn’t looking at my school e-mail like it was awful type of things.

 Like for real I would be like I’m giving you more time to complete this assignment or this test is gonna be due in two weeks instead of one week so you’d have more time this. And I was like really important information that I needed to know and I missed out on it because I was checking my personal e-mails and not my school e-mails. I’ll make sure that you had your school you know. I know sometimes you can get your school email as an app. I’m not sure if my school does that.

 But I know a lot of schools do do that. You can have an app for it. So if you can find that that would be amazing but if not just make a bookmark on your phone and just routinely kind of check that school email while you’re in your courses like between courses. No biggie but while you’re doing your courses make sure you’re constantly checking my email case assignments change things happen and you want to be the first to know about it. So number six is going to be to set alarms I set alarms for everything I said alarms were test I said alarms when I’m sleeping right before I go to work I set alarms for my everything and it’s really really important because a lot of times you forget especially the day of like this it has nothing to do with school.

 But even if I have I like I’ve got yesterday I had a dentist appointment I’ve had my dentist if I was at 2:00 I said alarm for one o’clock to remind you know get yourself together going to be good doesn’t do alarms are really really important when it comes to schoolwork as well because definitely with the iPhone and whatever phone you might have I’m not quite sure if you can set alarms for certain dates but I know if you come in like say on Sunday you want to set alarms for that week you can say OK on Thursday remind me at this time on Tuesday you know but I’m not quite sure if you can set it four days way in advance but I know the week of you can set so many alarms and I am the queen of setting alarms.

I will play it I’ll set the alarm. It could take scientists test it too or do it blow well whatever I’m going to do I set an alarm for it because you just go on with your day you just totally forget the things or do. I was the queen of this I used to be bad at all my classes at first because I would forget assignments not because I couldn’t do it or like I just was smart enough to do it or anything but it’s because I don’t forget and I make a zero of my grade of be awful and just because I forgot and it’s so easy to forget because as an online learner you don’t have that person consulate telling you things you do.

 You don’t have to go to class and take tests in person and it’s just very hard to remember things. So if you’re anything like me and you have trouble remembering things you have your planner you have all these things out. You just need that last step definitely start setting alarms for everything. My last tip is for you to check your grades and your assignments regularly all of the ones you’ve already completed. Sometimes for the most part you will see a little bubble next to your sign it Your teacher will give you what you did wrong what they liked about it and that’s going to help you to do better in the future to make it better.

 Great. I’ll see you might notice that they gave you a low grade on something that you leave you deserve a higher grade on or it’s possible that you maybe a math course and know for my math course I was answering questions right. And one of the things that my math course was doing is when you put in a certain math symbol it would make it bold and that’s how I would know. But my computer wasn’t bolding the letter it was supposed to solve my answers were wrong even though they were right. It was just a computer glitch.

 That’s something that I was able to look at my grade and be like Oh no no I did this right. And then go back and talk to the teacher who was able to get credit for it. So you never know if you’re having a computer glitch something’s going on. I remember one time I take an English course and I turned in a blank document and they gave me a zero and I’m like Why did you give me a zero. Why in the world when I turn in a blank document like something happened where my on paper didn’t upload the way it was supposed to.

 And I was able to go back and the teacher did even change and it was awful but you’ll have a better teacher than that and they will go in and change it because it didn’t make any sense for me to have a blank document taken for a paper. But either way you want to make sure you’re checking everything regularly because things like that do happen and glitches happen with the computer but documents are uploaded. Grades are changed and shouldn’t be. And you want to make sure that you have an idea what your teacher is looking for because that’s going to help you in the long run to make that grade it could be something as I feel like you need more.

 Parentheses or I feel like you need more commas in your work and just run on sentences you need more comments so then the next time you can make your comments. So it’s just a little helpful things like that your teacher is going to give you and never look at it you’re never going to know what you’re going to keep making those grades. So that is it I hope you guys enjoy this video. I hope I give you guys a bunch of helpful tips on AC those online classes. Thanks for reading this article. Please leave a comment.

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