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With the development of information technology, data and information management of various organizations is increasing at an ever increasing rate. Data Entry is a computer that transmits certain types of data from one place / program to another in another program / program. Data may be typed into handwritten information on a computer or stored in a spreadsheet file for a program on a computer. The idea of ​​data entry has been around since the beginning of computer use. Currently the welfare of the Internet has expanded the sharing of information, as well as its increased use of various types of data. Therefore, there is a huge demand for efficient data entry operators. Such tasks can be done alone or in groups, and are often limited to the general use of computers and the Internet. As a result, anyone doing this kind of work can earn more currency at home.

We Serve-

  • Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry for products & e-book catalogs
  • Online copying, pasting, editing, indexing, sorting data
  • Survey forms online entry
  • Patient records entry
  • Subscription entry
  • Hand written documents entry
  • Book Entry
  • Card Entry
  • Image Entry
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

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