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Hey guys! Going to door

Hi guys. Okay so we start off we walk in and we have this nice little thing that no one uses because we actually have key cards that come in. So that’s just. There. And then we come on in here.

We have a nice little pad and the cash actually came with the room as well as this trunk but the blankets the rugs the pillows. How do you like- Plan Does not come back. So we’ve added all that stuff to a little flair. Here we have some blankets. So overall I think now we have friends over often. And we just hang out. And then you come over here you can see we have. A nice big wall and we have this little projector thing right here where we set up the screen.

 And it’s like a movie. We just watch it from the couch. And then come over here as.

Friends It doesn’t work right now. And then you come on out here. This is the cooper.

All right so here we are on the balcony. We’re really lucky because we had such a good view. You can see the ocean. We can see SeaWorld with fireworks at night and it’s really awesome. And then here we got these two people for terrorism from Amazon and two separate orders and then we got this nice course not really disgusting that we came so we wanted something like our secret.

Then if you turned out this way we have an exit plan. Also a flag to cover the Ugly door and it was difficult. To get come on down all this way

We go into my roommate’s room. This is Diana and Rihanna filming for the night. And. This is going to fall for it looks like I’m actually going to be. Care of because like. Their space. To not see on the side. It’s adorable and I love you. So you know. Yeah. So if. They. Have a little light kitchen area right here which is really smart. Because. That. Can. Come on I’m good. And. A bad dream. This is so nice because we can all get ready in the morning.

 This Tuesday. John and Brianna share this thing the your mother nature this thing. We have really nice drawers that open how we can fit all this stuff in.

I keep my tampons in here facemasks things like that. And underneath we keep all of our cleaning staff like this show. Sharon catches. Other things and then through this door it closes and we have our toilet and our shower. And that window opens and we don’t keep it on stopping because people can see that it doesn’t gumball.

We have a nice little storage closet here this is very.

All the things stuff extra coffee towels for the beach crew stuff like that hot air mattresses would definitely recommend because we have people staying over a lot and not really how should I. We don’t have to beds. And then. We come to my room. Hi guys. This is my actual room inside of our suite and we’re going to start over here with the dresser. These dressers come with every room there’s two in each room. Yeah. So if you want to come in a little closer. I just like a little picture frame.

 I kind of did this a little bit more Decorative. I have all my necklaces on here. I had a shot last election. My feelings this is from home goods as well as this. Valuable thing as well as my thing working. Some more pictures. And then in here I just keep my clothing there is. What. How many bruises and spine. You five gross human so to do that. Yeah. And then we keep on coming this way. This is where I keep my shower caddy because it’s so easy to lift off and take.

 I would definitely recommend Chakotay even though we have our own bathroom. It’s really helpful because it just has all the things you need that you’re living in there. Keep mine. So some stuff that I have a paper towel thing. I also have my through the water filter. And then as you go down here I have a little like sugar and straws and cups as I keep my high clogs. My mom’s down here we have snacks like pop tarts. And mops goldfish. And then we go into our closet.

 And this is. A little messy on the top but I have been there by.

Plane. I keep some shoes. I keep my books on the top part and then we pound. Right here

And I have my shower like my because I keep my towels and then I keep my wallet in there. Then I keep my clothes on here. Then I got this thing from Target. It’s adjustable so it’s very handy and I keep like snacks in here. I keep my silverware in here like cups things like that. Yeah. I keep all of my extras in this bin. It’s really handy. I have like decor in here I got sick the first you can find. So that was something that happened in the case of the next of the closet.

 I keep my dirty laundry in there just because it’s hidden away.

And then I don’t do my laundry until the end of the week.

So I’ll just put this stuff inside left it out and then go do my laundry.

Then I got these two command hooks. These were already installed and sell them. So I keep my. Body towel in here and my hair towel in the bathroom. Then I have a background really handy. And. The clothes that. This is my dressing kind of area. I have. A nice plant. Some pictures. This is from Amazon. These are two by three pictures make you really small because you can have a lot more then yeah. I just got this round for user on.

The mirror was from Target and this was also from Target. So the next part is this awesome awesome and definitely recommend I got mine compliments but if you come a little closer you can see that I keep all of my shoes inside of it.

So I don’t have to put my stuff inside of the closet. And it’s also really great. Friends. Where they can sit on there. I love that. Let me get my bag off and then it’s really comfortable. Definitely recommend. A mattress. Save me. Like a blanket and a few fun pillow on my wall. These are great. Which I traced from thing one line and then I added the colors. I did them on my iPod. Map. These hex numbers are Amazon. They’re really nice because they’re already cohesive and I got these they like.

 Also from. There. We go to this wall.

And this is from Amazon and the Eucalyptus is fake but my aunt made it. So it’s really. Special nice really cute and yeah. That’s.

Good. OK. Another thing that comes at the room is a desk. My roommate has a desk my right also is a dresser in the bed and in my desk. Come here. I can sit here and homework. This story is it’s Lamia. So I keep the keys in here. I keep sunglasses I keep sticky notes. I also be. Paid. As well as a. Pencil sharpener. Scissors.

So that this desk not from Amazon because the desk is wooden and it’s weird. So when I’m writing on paper this seems now. I have a fan over here. A tissue box behind here. So it’s really close to my bed.

I love this plant from pigment. And then I have the mole sticking up what I diploma Homer. Like you see the binder sticking out. These are graduation gifts from my friends. A little pencils are.

Scrunchie Mason jar. This desk Hutch is from Amazon. I would definitely recommend it because it raises things up get things kind of off the thing and light comes through which is really nice. And then over here I have my trashcan kind of wedged in between my desk and my bed so I can just throw things away at night. I have this smart. Plug thing so I plug my life in here.

I trust my partners in here my fan is right here and this is plugged in right here. Yeah. So.

Psychometric a lamp. The land. The lamp is just from the bathroom beyond super simple. I honestly don’t use it a lot because it’s really loud.

So it’s not even plugged into an accident. But.

Have like oh my kind of electronic cords right there when I’m doing homework I can charge with stuff.

Then we come in even closer and I have my makeup draw and what I do when I do my makeup is I pull out this awesome mirror.

So it’s not already on my desk. I set it up right here. And I have this out. I. Sit. Here. And I can do anything up until handy. And then once I do I can also do my hair here. So I get this out. I can my hair products from the bottom like this. I have like hair sprays things like that. In the bottom and I just plug them in right there and come my here on my desk with my. Mirror. And when I’m done.

 I put it away. I have a. Drawer. So I can pull out my box things I have extra cleansing here. I have cords. Command strips. Yeah. Just a lot of books. They’re not very organized. The most important thing to do DAF is make it homey about exactly it. Me and my roommate said. And thank you for stopping at my dorm and areas in San Diego. And. Thanks for reading.

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