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My name is Michael. I’m a third year student majoring in Political Science. From Enfield Massachusetts. Probably hands down my favorite part about the University of Chicago is the number of student clubs we have on campus. The university has over 400 different organizations ranging from nine acapella groups to improve comedy groups to super competitive model United Nations debate team’s things like that.

My name is Grace. I’m a third year in the college. I’m majoring in psychology and minor and Germanic studies and I’m originally from Spokane Washington. I play cello for example in the chamber orchestra and I love the fact that I can continue that without being music major. I think there’s a wonderful load of opportunities here for people that want to be engaged outside of the classroom but really are interested in school and academics and this is the perfect place for.

Hi I’m Alexis. I’m a second year in the college currently undecided. I do rugby theater dance and I’m involved in Alpha Phi Omega the coed service fraternity. Behind me is the Reynolds club the Reynolds club is our version of a student union. It has two coffee shops three theaters. There is meeting spaces there’s lounge areas there’s a food court and a barbershop on the floor there is the university seal which has our motto Cress got scanty have you to act solo tour on it. Rumor has it that if you walk across the seal while you’re a current student you won’t graduate in four years.

 Every Wednesday is dollars shake day and one of the coffee shop greatest days of the week.

Hello everyone. My name is Steven. I’m third year sociology major from Brooklyn New York. We’re standing right here in front of the Gerald Rather athletic center. This is a pretty new building only about 7 years old. We have a cardio circle two floors of fitness rooms. We have our swimming pool which is a really great pool. If you’re not quite ready to be committed to a varsity sport we also have clubs fortunate intramural sports club teams are really great way to get involved with sports and meet other students.

 The university without having to full time commitment of a varsity sport.

Behind me is Rockefeller Chapel on the side of the building our various figures from religious history at Rockefeller Chapel is non-denominational. We do have over 30 religious organizations on campus. If you’re interested in continuing your faith or exploring a new one.

Hi my name is Emily. I’m a third year in the college. I’m double majoring in English and public policy and I’m from the wonderful small town of Bell Plain Minnesota one of the things that drew me to the University of Chicago was the city of Chicago itself.

And one of my favorite ways of exploring the city is through community service programs like the university community service center and the neighborhood schools program make it really easy for students to get involved in the Hyde Park community and throughout all of Chicago. I work at an elementary school that’s just a few blocks away and it’s just really made me feel like I’m a part of the community where I’m living and studying. Hyde Park is a really great community to live in. There’s lots of coffee shops and bookstores and it’s just a really fun academic place to live.

Students are required to live in the residence halls for their first year of college. But after that you definitely have your choice as to where you’d like to live.

We have a variety of different residence halls right here we have the Max Pawlowski residential commons. It is one of the many different buildings that we have here on campus.

You have a lot of different options from doubles to single rooms. Some places are more on campus some a little more off campus for students who want to live in a castle that is directly on the main campus we have Snell Hall and Hitchcock Hall through your dormitory building you have a house very Harry Potter style living and housing is great. I will be living in housing for all four years of college. You have a really great opportunity to meet different people from all over the place that just happened to wanted to live in the same building.

Obviously Chicago’s a great city to live in but you don’t need to leave Hyde Park to find something going on whether it’s doing something with your house the local restaurant trip making a trip out to the point just a few blocks away from here or having a pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee or soccer on the midway. There’s always something that you can do right within Hyde Park in our backyard.

So the University of Chicago has a core curriculum. The core consists of nine distributional requirements. Humanities is probably the main part. The core of the core you are going to have the teacher will moderate the discussion and kind of promote debate among what the students opinions are of the readings.

The glorious Reagan signed library otherwise known as the rig the rig is a wonderful place to be. There are more books here than you can possibly imagine. There are 24 hour study spaces in this library and in other libraries that we have on campus so you can get together with your friends from class and come ready or we’re kind of problem said or works on paper by yourself. We need to get your study on. It’s definitely a place to be. We’re sending in from the biological sciences Learning Center which is also called the BSL C for short.

 The BSL C is home to our undergraduate department of biology as well as a medical school. It is a great center for on campus research and the science is not limited to biology and research is not limited to the sciences. There are more research positions on campus for undergraduates than there are students to fill them. What really drew me to the University of Chicago was this idea of a really academic community but also a place where I can engage in a lot of the other activities that I wanted to do.

I think it really has a great balance of having this small college atmosphere and you still have the huge backdrop of the city of Chicago.

The kids here I mean they’re smart but they’re also really interested in kind of a wide variety of things that they do.

For me the University of Chicago’s brought together a whole bunch of different things that I was looking for with a college experience really rigorous academics as well as a really strong sense of community.

I love all of my classes. I love my major. I really enjoyed my time here at the university basically because I love the people that I’ve met here.

Everyone here is here for the same fundamental reason we’re here to think we’re here to ask new questions. I’m very happy at the University of Chicago and hopefully you can be. Thanks for reading this article.

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