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My name is Micheal and I’m the founder of Mitbazar where our team of expert video editors are here to help you create more videos and better videos through our service that offers our clients unlimited video edits for a small monthly fee. I’d like to take a few moments to show you exactly what we have to offer here. Mitbazar how you how you can save a ton of time energy and money and then I’d like to show you just how easy it is to get signed up with big chops today. But first let’s talk a little bit about video.

 You’re on this page because you’re either a YouTube or Instagram or your company just deals with a lot of video. And trust me that’s a good thing. Video isn’t just the future of the Internet. It’s actually already here. YouTube’s Instagram ours and other social media influencers are bringing in well over seven figures through their videos alone. Not to mention that people are building entire businesses by creating videos online. Growing in audience and then selling to that audience tech and e-commerce companies are using video in every single step of their sales process to turn prospects into customers.

 People now watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube alone every day and half of the humans on this planet they admit to watching a video on either Facebook or YouTube every single day. So the question arises Why aren’t you out there creating more videos. The problem is and you probably already know this is that video takes a ton of time and energy to do right. And when you should be out there in front the camera recording these epic videos instead you’re at home on the computer editing videos for hours on end.

 So why not let our video editing experts do that part for you. I myself am a YouTube. And at first I didn’t really mind editing videos but honestly at this point it’s a pain and because I didn’t like editing videos. I wasn’t uploading as often and it was really hurting my viewership on YouTube. But now I have big chops to take that burden off of my shoulders and I can focus on creating more content and better content instead of sitting at home and slaving over a hot keyboard. And now I’d like to break down exactly what the chops is and how it works.

 We offer our clients unlimited video edits for a small monthly fee. And I know you’re wondering how it can be unlimited. We’re able to do that for a few reasons. One being is that we specialize. We focus on one thing and one thing only. Taking your footage and turning it into a masterpiece. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We want to totally blow you away with the quality of video that we returned to you. And it’s our team of talented editors and our systems that allow us to do this.

 So to answer your question Are you really unlimited. Yes we are to a degree of course. I want you to think of it as like as much as you can record. We can handle. We do have a turnaround time and a few guidelines in place that make it possible for us to handle and offer unlimited requests. But all in all we have you covered no problem. And now you’re wondering exactly how does it work. Well a lot of cool collaboration goes on our end but all you have to do is record your footage upload it to us e-mail us with a few special instructions and our team will take your footage and return to you.

 A final product that you’re going to love and if you don’t love it for whatever reason it’s no problem let us know and we’ll go ahead and make any kind of revisions you need. And when the video is ready we’ll send you the full version in full HD. So if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. Or better yet look below this video. And if you feel like we’re a good fit then great go ahead and sign up today. We’d love to have you as our client and I’m guessing that you’re going to stick with us for a very long time.

 And if it’s not a fit for whatever reason it’s no big deal. We’ll see if there’s a way that we can fix the issue and if not then no worries we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. And if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me at and I will personally get back to you. So if you’re ready to grow your audience relieve the stress of editing and improve the quality of your videos. Join the Bishop’s family today.

All you have to do is click the link below this video complete the checkout process and you’ll be all signed up. We’ll see the notification come through on our end. We’ll get in touch with you and we’ll work together to get your first video online. Thank you.

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