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Hello! Today we are discussing basic computer skills that you should learn. Stay tuned. Hey everyone this is Zach with P.S. simplest. And we’re back today and I’m on a little trip here in a hotel. Anyway we’re talking basic computer skills that you should learn when you want to get an I.T. A YouTube user asked me the following. She wants to know what basic computer skills do you need to know when you want to get an I.T. so we can start it off at the simplest point and we’ll kind of work our way down to maybe more complex things that you should have a general idea on what to know and the basic thing that I think everybody should know when getting in I.T. because it’s so widely used.

 It is definitely any Microsoft product that’s out there. You know you’re definitely you have to learn everything you can about Windows and Office. Office is a big one everybody uses office. Everybody uses Microsoft Outlook for their email or Word and Excel. And if you’re just getting an I.T. those are some things that you’re going to want to learn because you’ll get asked a lot of questions about different Excel things or weird things and et cetera et cetera. So definitely just you know check out office in general Microsoft Office in general and look up and see everything that you can find on that because that’s a big one that you’ll want to learn for sure.

 And next down this line they’re going to go to. One that’s maybe not so widely used anymore. I still use it all the time. But command prompt. And what is command prompt. If you go to the start menu and you click on Ron or you just go to the start menu and you just type CMT that’s Charlie Mary Daniel and you hit enter I’ll take you to a command prompt and that’s a black window with white text on it and you are going to be able to send commands through this that will do different things for you and one of the big things that the command prompt can do for you is you can ping things and what is pinging things pinging things as you can say you can type in PMG and then you can type the name of a computer or an IP address and it’s going to relay whether that computer is basically connected to your internet or not.

 Right. Is it is an online or not. So I use this all the time when people are restarting their computers when I’m on the phone with them and say hey can you reboot your computer so we can you know fix this issue because rebooting fixes everything right here anyway. So you send out a ping and you can do ping that 10 to 20 that 30 dot to whatever it is right And then you can do space minus T as in Tom and you hit enter and it’ll send a continuous ping to that computer.

 So it will just keep pinging this computer over and over again. So you can start it before they restart their computer and shows. OK. You’re getting a reply from it. And then when that computer is often restarting you’ll get no reply. But then once it comes back up you’ll start getting that ping again. And that’s just very useful it’s a very useful thing to do. I mean you should definitely learn to do that because you’ll want to know whether you’re able to connect to a computer or not because hey maybe it’s not on the network.

 So you get that to where people call hey can’t get on the network what’s the problem. Well you can Piglet a computer real quick and see if it is truly getting an internet connection or not. So learn that one command prompt does a lot of crazy things you can write back scripting with command prompt where you can run different programs as administrator. You know there are a few different things I guess that you can use with it but it’s just something basic that you should learn and you should know about because it is one of the older things but it’s definitely something that’s still used today.

 And why isn’t it used as much today.

Power shell that’s probably out of this whole entire video. I would say please learn powerful learn power shell take the time out of your day and learn power shell. Learn everything that you can about power shell because it is a huge tool. It will literally save you tons of time doing the most basic things or complicated things or whatever. But learn that because power Shell is really going to be a huge product or whatever you want to call it going forward in I.T. you know power Shell will basically let you Manager active directory manage your exchange and you can run different scripts that will do different things and I know that’s what I want.

 What will it do. Well it does a lot. It does more than I could even tell you what it does because I still don’t know everything about power shell that I should. But you can for instance like the first thing that I ever did was power shell with power shell and I read on it and you know I obviously copied and pasted a few things of course because I wanted to really get this done was I created a mass user list and I basically did use Active Directory and I created about one hundred user accounts based off of an Excel sheet.

 So an active directory you type in this you know your code there whatever you want to call it. And you launch it and it will pull all of these user names passwords you know all their information from an excel sheet and import it into your active directory. And that’s amazing. You know do you if you’ve ever created an account and after an Active Directory you know that it could take you know maybe upwards of 30 seconds or so whatever. You know just as an example it could take 30 seconds.

 Right. So you basically wrote a script that created 100 user accounts in 30 seconds and you can’t beat that. You can’t go wrong with that. So there is one example of how powerful is huge. It’s a powerful tool. So learn powerful for sure please. The next thing that you should probably learn is active directory and Active Directory is of course in Windows environments. And nowadays I would say Windows environment are one of the biggest. Obviously it always has been and always will be. So learn Active Directory Active Directory handles your user accounts and handles your groups like different groups have different rights things like that.

 Any time you create a new user you’re going to be an active directory or power shell and that’s something that you’re going to want to learn.

You’re going to learn how the group works you’re going to want to learn how membership works. You know there’s a lot of different utilizations of actor Active Directory that you can go about and you’re creating different values use which is an organizational unit and you’ll learn that different Oh you’d do different things and have different rights and you know different. Oh you will do something different and that kind of takes into group policy. So what is Group Policy Group Policy is another. Microsoft tool that really helps you dive deep into different rights and different things that you can receive so you can use group policy for printers.

 Different no use Google received different printers you can use group policy for your shortcut on desktop. So one oh you can have you know 100 Desktop Icon and then the other 0 you will have like 1. Please don’t use 100 desktop icons because that’s terrible. Anyway group policy really helps you conquer down and really manage your environment from your desk. Basically you know you’re not creating these separate images and back in the day that’s kind of how you did things you created separate images and you had all these different icons and programs installed on one image for one area of your environment and then you know you have the same thing where a different area right well group policy can help you manage this from your desk and it’s a it’s a huge tool.

 It’s great it’s fantastic it works very well and I love it. It’s a great thing to learn and that’s another Hey basic you should learn this definitely learn this learn group policy also with these two you’re definitely going to want to learn exchange I should touched on that with active directory and all that but exchange is your email management system from Microsoft again and basically what you’re going to want to learn in exchange is how to manage you know different other people’s email boxes other people’s calendars privileges you know their size of their mailbox giving rights to different mailboxes or calendars or stuff like that.

 So learn exchange that’s another big one or share with a group policy. There’s D HDP you may you know more of I guess you would call it kind of a networking type of thing but there’s a lot of basic things you can learn in DHB with you know creating different you know reservations for different devices and things like that. So I’m not my environment right now we use like dynamo label printers and we have these jet directs that we have to basically take the Mac address from that throw it into D ATP create a reservation for it.

 So our network can see this you know direct and you can prep from all these things and this sounds confusing to you and I’m not going to explain it very well but just learn DCP just you don’t do a quick YouTube search for D.H. C.P. basics and your basically that’s all you want to know you want to know the basics because when you get into an environment more than likely something is going to teach you how they do things there goes everywhere and they do things differently so just be aware of that. Just learn the ACP because it’s really good to know the next basic thing you should probably learn.

 I would say is that maybe some DNS things just understand what DNS is what DNS does and maybe you’ll dive into that at some point. Again YouTube search for DNS basics and you’ll get a wide variety of things to learn and I’m going to say this is probably the end of this video and I’m sure there’s going to be a part two to this because let’s dive into maybe more medium things that you should probably learn you know getting in I.T. these are definitely I would say the basics because you really just want to learn the basics of obviously all these things that I’ve won over.

 If anything that you’re going to really take more than basic I would say power shall learn as much powerful as you can but everything else everything else that I went over office command prompt Active Directory exchange group policy DCP DNS learn the basics of those learn how they function learn how they work learn why they work or why people use them and you’ll just have a nice little grasp of what these things do and why you should learn them any environment you get to get into is going to be different but if you learn these basic things before you get into an environment at least you’ll have that knowledge in your head of how they kind of work and what they will do for you so hope you like this video I hope I answered your question a little bit if you have any more questions please feel free to leave a comment below I’m happy to get back to you and try to answer anything I possibly can for you.

A most common list for computer skills can develop your career supper fast.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Email Corresponding
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Typing
  • Computer Hardware
  • Networking
  • Data Entry
  • Install, Setup & Troubleshooting.

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