Asur Bengali Movie Full Download (2020)


Asur Short Story:

Kigan, Bodhi and Aditi. Kigan and Aditi studied the humanities , having an interest in sculpture and painting. Bodhi was formerly a student of English literature, but now works within the corporate sector, hosting 56 Durga Pujas of Kolkata. The film is essentially inspired by true events, the 2015 Durga Puja of Deshopriyo Park, South Kolkata. during this film it’s been named as Deshbandhu Park to avoid direct regard to the important name. Asur may be a Bengali drama film directed by Pavel, and consistent with the director are going to be a tribute to the sculptor Ramkinkar Baij. Originally set to release in 3rd January 2020, the film is now slated for 3 January 2020.


  • Jeet as Kigan Mandi
  • Abir Chatterjee as Bodhi
  • Nusrat Jahan as Aditi
  • Rajnandini Paul
  • Biplab Chatterjee as Aditi’s father
  • Biswarup Biswas as Police Commissioner
  • Kushal Chakraborty as Biva Da
  • Biswajit Chakrobarty as Governor
  • Trambak Joshi as Bodhi’s henchman

Asur :

  • Directed by :Pavel
  • Produced by :Jeet, Gopal Madnani, Amit Jumrani
  • Written by :Pavel
  • Screenplay by :Pavel
  • Starring                : Jeet, Abir Chatterjee, Nusrat Jahan
  • Music by :Bikram Ghosh, Amit Mitra
  • Cinematography :Supriyo Dutta, Joydeep Bose
  • Edited by :Moloy Laha
  • Production Company :Jeetz Filmworks
  • Distributed by :Jeetz Filmworks
  • Release date :3 January 2020
  • Country :India
  • Language :Bengali
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