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Hey guys It’s Gabby. And welcome back to my channel. So today is day two in Hawaii and the program officially starts at like 7:00 p.m. tonight. So for this time before I’m going to go and go to the beach go to a festival go to a flea market. I think that’s the plan. So I’m really excited I’m going to bring here.

So this is how I have a scrunched half a pack down my heart’s earrings and then my sunglasses vintage from my mom this like sweatshirt.

These white shorts with matching stripes and then these sandals from Aldo and then this that is from Aeropostale I believe that’s the outfit and underneath I have my swimsuit wearing a black swimsuit. So yeah I’m really excited for it today. We’re meeting up at eight thirty. I believe it’s a twenty one two. I have like five minutes. I packed my bags my beach towel and everything I need for today.

So I’m really excited.

So we’re practice right now. I got. Blueberry pancakes all over. This How did you get? I got a. FEELING. YOU’RE NO LONGER. Easy Baby I’m a little. Jealous May I. Go Fresh With You. I. Hope so yes will not at all. I hope its okay. I’m so excited so I could finish the last pancake as a pancake. She is huge.

But this was so I devoured.

Hey guys. So we just walked around a little sectional area. It’s over there and now we’re by the beach as well.

So we’re going to go to the water. I’m really excited because I want to clear and I am wearing my bathing suit. This is like. Taupe is stripes and off the shoulder and flashlight. Yeah.

Hey guys. So we just got out of the. Ocean and now we’re getting something to eat at the food trucks. All right here.

I might get like shrimp for salmon here. Watch from. I saw in a coffee shop. And I. In. That. Same.

Now. So. How did you get. Read about the. Using.

Dorm Room Tour. Oh I remember.

Instead of it. Here is think number one.

And then here is one back there. Just the toilet in it

This is Jennifer. And this is. What you care is remember too. This is my bed.

And then there’s a desk up here. And then here I think this one’s your dresser. Here’s think number two. And then this is the shower room here. So the toilet in the bathroom is separated. Yes. My eyes are so red from the ocean. So this is our suite dorm room tour. So just now we have a meeting with everyone at SGI.

There are 75 students that are in Shilla meaning we went over the rules and what the plan is for today. And basically the rest of the program. So yeah that was exciting. So now that check is at 10 o’clock and it’s 759 right now. So we have some time before. That. So yeah.

So we just exchange gifts. We give you guys a hall. What.

Kind of plans.

How you guys. So I was great your roommate sleeping right.

Why don’t we come up with a great voice and we look like right now. I’m going go to bed. I posted that book and if I could talk because I’m the sixth covered by Eastern Standard I posted like you cook me something in the morning New York. All right like you can take your time to be here. So I need to figure out skeptical clothing they figure it out by the end of the week. Yes I’m going to come back here to explore the city of this first official day program to really accept what he the day is happy in stayed up here on college campuses with this program.

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