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How they rule the Internet. This week I’m going to be talking about home school. I’m basically going to tell you how that starting with home school kind of walk you through my day a little bit. And I also asked guys on Instagram to send me some questions about home school slash online school. And I got a few but people misunderstood what I was asking for and just asked me normal IQ and eight questions when really I was asking for questions about online schools so if your question is not in this video that probably means it was not about the topic.

 So if you are new to my channel you are welcome to subscribe. Hi my name is Daniela. Nice to meet you. And the subscribe button is. On this side. If you are on your phone and on this side if you’re on your laptop. So without further ado let’s get started. So this start off I’m basically going to be giving you like how I got started with home school the first year I ever got home schooled was in fourth grade. So from the regular public school that I was going to I went to home school in fourth grade.

 The reason for that being I really don’t remember to be honest with you. I’m sure my parents remember but I just don’t really remember fourth grade all that clearly. But I do remember being homeschooled in fourth grade and then my parents could no longer home school me for the fifth grade following year. Then after that I went to a private school and then later on down the line in seventh grade I went to public school for half of the seventh grade. And then I got sick with a asthma attack and then ended up in ICU.

 We kind of figured it out that I was allergic to the mold inside of the walls of this public school. So basically like my asthma went from like I guess allergies kind of the whole time I was at public school I was always sick and I was always like really late to school because I just felt so like out of it. You know my parents obviously didn’t want the asthma attack to reoccur. I got pulled out of the public school and put into my home school online school I kind of consider them the same thing to be honest.

 I guess people do so many different types of home schools. There’s online school there’s public online school home school unschooling. There are just so many different options that you have. And also depending on where you live depending on where you live gets basically can tell you what your options are because there are different laws. So at the end of this video I’m going to be listing some options that I know of for you guys of like different online schools and home school options that are kind. Some of them are international some of them work for certain states and we’ll also have them listed in the description.

 So wait till the end for that. So now just quickly walk you through my day and kind of just what happens. So for me I do not have a set time that I start at school. It just kind of various To be honest. But it does depend on your parents. Some parents are a lot more strict and they’re like you wake up at 6:00 and you start at 8:00 like a normal public school person. A lot of homeschoolers kind of brag about the fact that you can do school in your pajamas in bed at whatever time you want.

 I get it. It’s like a privilege but not everyone is able to do that. It really kind of depends on your parents. So that’s why you’re wanting to home school. I would probably check with your parents first because you never know your parents will let you do that. I like to usually do school on my bed or my dining table. I prefer my bed though because I have blank grades and I’m just like really comfortable it is personal preference though you can honestly do it on desk if you feel more comfortable a couch anywhere on the floor even if you felt like it.

 So I have my laptop open and all of my books for my curriculum. The videos are pre-recorded classes so these classes are actually filmed in a real school. I don’t know where it is. A great part about having videos I think and this is like something you can’t do in public school so this is like a plus that you can also do this with k 12 as you can re watch the videos. You can go back if you didn’t hear something right. Or if you misunderstood I know a lot of home school programs you can call your teacher or you can email your teacher.

 So there is other people to help you besides just your parents that way if your parents don’t know and you’re not getting the information from the video you can either email if that is what the option is or you can call them just kind of depends on what your options are. That is given to you by the online school and what I find works for me best is once I’m done with my math class I do my math homework and then I go into my English class into my English homework. And that way I don’t have to do all the homework after the school.

 I just find that works best for me. Some of the positive things about homeschool especially online schooling is that you have freedom of so many things and because there is no busy work you have the freedom to get ahead or if you’re behind you can catch up. If the freedom of the way that you’re educated your fashion sense and you can dress in pajamas all day your creativity and travel I mean you can travel anywhere at any time and take school with you wherever you go. Another thing is that you can take as much time as you need.

 So if you have a little bit harder time understanding something or if you have a learning disability anything like that you can take as much time as you need and you don’t have a whole class waiting for you. Unless you take online classes like K12 and connections Academy those I believe you can re watch Bill while they’re alive you can’t go back. Another option that you have as a homeschooler is co-ops. I do not go to a co-op but I know a lot of people that do co-op basically. Actually I feel like a lot of homeschoolers make friends through this way but a co-op is basically like you go to school kind of.

 But I believe it’s once a week. There are so many different things that you could do you could you take like classes like science algebra and chemistry like anything like that. And there’s also drama and sports and I believe the co-ops are generally the people that hold the dances and like the sports and the drama clubs and all that kind of like creative stuff and like this stuff it is at public school to still have all the like public school things. If you are homeschooled you might have heard like oh where are you going to prom with your dad or like your brother.

 You know that thing for those people there is actually a prom just so you know and just kind of depends if you want to get into a co-op. I have tried one on one time but I never went back feeling it once. So I believe co-ops you do have to pay them. But after I posted my morning routine videos when I started to get all these questions about home school and so one of the questions was How do I convince my parents. I for one do not have to convince my parents but I have helped someone convince their parents.

 So I feel like I have a little bit of experience but I can I can try and help you. So I wrote down on my phone quite a few ideas that I came up with to try and help you to convince your parents to let you home school. So my first step is to tell them about co-ops and certain organizations around you. So I’m sure you can find some local ones online if you just look up like co-ops or home school organization or home school group and then like where you live. Another good thing that you could tell your parents to try and convince them is that it is actually proven home school students are smarter than public school students this is an actual study.

 I believe it was a Canadian study. Another tip is to show them how dedicated you will be to your work and to home school. I’ve seen a few other videos on the home school topic and a lot of people recommend doing chores. I would also say do your homework that you have now to your best ability get good grades and just show them kind of that you’ll actually be taking responsibility to do your work and to learn since old school is actually a very independent thing. You have to do it on your own and you have to be very dedicated and responsible to be able to actually sit there for hours without anybody on you like Hey sit down.

 You know how like teachers are always like I know I just kind of feel like teachers are always like you know pushing you to do your work but you would have to push yourself to do your own work. So another tip is that if you feel like you could be doing better and that you could be succeeding a lot more in school and that schools just like way too slow for you can let them know that you can get ahead and that you could actually graduate faster if you do online school or home school and kind of the opposite of that is if you are having trouble at school and you’re not getting good grades and you just feel like it’s too fast or they’re not helping you enough let your parents know that and let them know about the struggles that you’re having in school and tell them how you think that online school can help.

 And you don’t think that you can function well and the kids are bothering just let them know that you don’t think that the school you’re going to or public school is not the right environment for you. My next tip is that when you’re approaching them don’t approach them in a way that’s like Oh Mom and Dad please I need to I need to get out of school. I hate all the people there do doing more of like a mature way. They know that you’re serious and that you’re going to take this as it’s your education and you’re really going to do this because it can be a lot of work.

 I’m sure that your parents want to see that you will be capable of doing that. I know a lot of people’s problem with school is the teachers don’t get me wrong I wanted teachers are great and they do their job wonderfully. But there are a lot of other teachers that are good for some students but they’re not good for others. So you can also let your parents know that you are your own teacher and they are your teacher and you would be able to go at any pace that you want the right way for you.

 And also if your parents are feeling like kind of like and what if you don’t like it you know you guys could try out a free online school just for a little while to see how you’d like it and if not you can always go back into regular school. I think that you could do is during the summer I know this like kind of annoying you could do one of the free ones online and just show your parents that you will be doing the work during the summer just basically be doing school. But in the summer and just show they that you will be doing it that way the school year after the summer they’ll feel confident that you’ll be doing the work and that you will succeed so they’ll more than likely let you I’m assuming.

 So now it is time for the Q and A the first question is is homeschooling easier than regular school. It’s actually going to easier. But at the same time it’s not it’s harder because you have to be more disciplined and if you’re in regular school it’s easier because you’re at home in a more comfortable environment.

And I feel like you’ve learned more. I feel like I do more work than I used to do in public school. The next question is how you manage not to procrastinate. You want me to be honest. Some people are really disciplined and they were like not procrastinate let’s sit there finish. Yeah Very easy to procrastinate In fact I do it a lot a lot a lot of why procrastinate a lot. I’ll be like sitting there doing math and then I’ll just pause it and I’ll go on Twitter.

 And it’s like it’s not good. Don’t procrastinate. You don’t want to start but it’s hard not to procrastinate. The next question is what is your favorite part about home school slash online school I feel like my favorite part is that I have the freedom to do school right here or like in my pajamas. So that’s like the classic answer. But it’s true. The next question is how long it takes to do school in a day. I have five video classes so each one is an hour so that’s five hours and then however long it takes me to do my homework.

 Two hours maybe it takes like seven to six hours to do school. Next question is is home schooling expensive. The programs that I do you do have to pay for but there is cheaper ones and there is free ones. But at the end of this video I would be telling you some school options that I know of and I’ll also be listening them in the description. So you are welcome to look into those. What about prom and other social activities like sports. Do you feel like you are missing out on the high school experience?

 Like you said with prom and sports you go to co-ops and other home school communities do I feel like I’m missing out on the high school experience? No not really. If I’m going to be honest I feel like the high school experience is just like dating drugs and like no alcohol no I don’t. I’m not interested in any of that stuff. I don’t feel like. I just kind of like that’s what the high school experience is besides like prom. It’s. Like I don’t have any interest in any of the high school experience

 The next question is how you make friends. I know a lot of people that I like grow up being home schooled and make friends from their parents put them in like one like dance and soccer and like you know different sports and things and that’s how they make their friends when they’re younger growing up you weren’t previously in school. You’re probably going to have still a few of those friends and if you go to church you make friends there and just being a social human being. That’s how you make friends. Question is why you started online school.

 But I already answered that question so I’m just going to kind of move along. But if you didn’t catch that it was an asthma attack. Yeah. Yeah basically I just left school so the next comment has a few questions in it it says How do you know what online school to choose. Do you have to pay for anything? And how do you submit your paperwork. OK so let’s start off with the first question. How do you know what online school to choose in a little bit. I will talk about all the different online schools that I know of and again they’ll be in the description for their next question was Do you have to pay for anything again that really depends on which online school that you choose.

 There are definitely free ones. There’s definitely overpriced ones it just kind of depends on which one you choose. Once again the next one is how do you submit your paperwork. That also depends on which one you choose or which online school you choose. For me and I send this little packets and the little packet you fill all your paperwork in. And you have a sheet like a check sheet like Oh I’m sending this this this and this and this and this and then you send that each like six weeks I believe it is but that is if you do the accredited.

 There is also independent and the accredited you send in your stuff. Bright independent you don’t send anything in. Most of the homeschooled people I know don’t send anything into anyone but it also depends on where you live. I know a lot of places you can’t just do any online school. You get to do your public school home school which is basically you do a public school but in your home to know we’re going to talk about all the different home school options that I know of. And what is right for you and what like your laws are I guess the first thing I want to let you guys know about is that there are some online schools and home school like programs that are not accredited.

 If you do want to go into college which I’m sure a lot of you do. You do have to know that they need to be accredited or else you don’t have the credit to go into college. That is the thing with the paying I do pay for mine but a lot of the ones that the ones you pay for are generally the ones that are accredited but there are some that are accredited and you do not have to pay for. I’m going to let you know of two of them. The first one is K12.

 I’m sure you’ve heard of it maybe it is on TV a lot of pointing that way because my TV is over there K12 is all the way to 12th grade and it is a red state and it is a online school. It’s not a home school but you do get books that while you do have to wake up at a certain time you have to wake up at like eight thirty and watch the live video or the live stream for four hours. I believe it’s four hours. I know someone who’s done it.

 Don’t forget that these will all be in the description below. It is accredited so that is good. The next one is for all my international people connections Academy is also a online public school so for the states they have every single state has their own connections academy like group. So be like California connections Academy New York Connections Academy. But then there is also international Connections Academy. And that is for all around the world. So that is really good. If you do not live in the US and you want to do an online public school that is definitely a good one but that when you do have live classes and you want you to do live classes usually during the early morning times.

 So you might have to wake up a little bit earlier. So the next two wouldn’t be telling you are home school programs they are Christian home school programs. The first one is a behead Academy and this one you have videos that are prerecorded and the other Christian based one is B.J. you that one is also pre-recorded videos and you get a ton of books but both of those you do have to pay my bills I think is like a thousand dollars a year maybe a little bit more because you defied the accredited version and you have to buy the books and the DVD know that the teachers and the books of B.J. you and Becca are both really good.

 And if you are Christian or Catholic you know those are just really good options because there’s also Bible class so you can also do unschooling but I don’t know what places really allow unschooling. I know Texas allows unschooling because. Texas is out of all the United States the most free with homeschooling but unschooling is basically like you can learn any way that you want and it’s basically like unschooling and it’s not like school but it is school you’re still learning but not traditionally in the last option is most public schools. Have a home school like you can get out of your public school you’re still going to graduate with that school.

 It’s just that you’re going to be at your own home that the public school will give you your work and at the end of every week you go to your local high school you get your test study. You just do your homework and your class work at home and you have a teacher. And you still go to that high school. You just don’t go there every day. You know people in California do that. So this video is a lot longer than I intended. There is just a lot of information I wanted to get out to you guys and just kind of put it all in one video if there are any other questions that you guys have you can comment them down below and I would love to respond but I want this video was very informational to any of you that are looking to home school.

 So yes you guys are you definitely subscribe. I make videos every week and if you guys like this video or if it was informational to you at all please give this video a big thumbs up. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you very soon. Bye.

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