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Hi this is Kathleen from American college strategies and I’d like to welcome you to the campus of the University of San Diego. So for many of you this really important information you need to know about the universities in San Diego. There are three major universities and everyone gets them mixed up. There’s UC San Diego or the University of California at San Diego. There’s San Diego State University known as SD SMU and there’s the University of San Diego. And that’s where I am right now overlooking Mission Bay and the beautiful Pacific Ocean USD is a medium size liberal arts.

 Catholic private university here in San Diego so some of the nuts and bolts are things that you need to know admission rate is about fifty one percent.

Last year they had 14000 applicants. Fifty one percent are accepted. It’s about a fifteen hundred student freshman class that is really their ideal number of students they like for their student body freshman year. There is a large Greek population Greek life I should say 28 percent of students here are part of fraternities and sororities.

But because you must live on campus for two years at least the freshman and sophomore year there is no Greek housing student within fraternities and sororities are all over the campus and they really have a really good blend with the rest of the student population.

Forty five percent of the students here are Catholic. Seventy one percent of the students study abroad. That is number two in the nation for study abroad. I was talking to some students and actually a graduate student here that was saying he met a person that had nine study abroad experiences whether it was during the summer whether it’s a semester whether it was a year whether it was during intercession which is six week winter break and they still were able to get out in four years. So can you imagine being able to do nine international experiences and getting out of school?

 In four years. That’s pretty incredible. Another interesting figure is that 68 percent of the students actually do internships. And I know all of you are thinking lists and colleges as just a pathway to my career. How do I get ready for my career and that’s what you need to be thinking about. Sixty eight percent of the students have internships. That’s wonderful because it lets you explore what career you possibly want and go into it exposes you. It gives you experience and that is the best thing about a university education that embraces internships opportunities for their undergraduate students.

 They S.A.T. score is around 11 18 to 13 20. They do super score for the S.A.T. not for the ACTU and the ACTU score is around 27 to 31. Remember ACTU There is no super score for those of you who don’t understand what super score means super score means you could sit the S.A.T. a number of times and they will look at all sittings if you sat three times they would take your highest math. And your highest English from whatever sitting and combine it together to give you your highest score. That’s what super score means.

 So many students like to try to sit a few times to get a better score. Not all school super score. University of San Diego super sports S.A.T. only the average GPA for incoming freshmen last year was three point seventy two. And one of the questions I really wanted to ask admissions and they were very forthright in their answer is do you recalculate a student’s GPA at the University of San Diego they do. For many states the transcript does not have a weighted GPA. The GPA is whatever the grade is on the transcript.

 It doesn’t give extra weight for advanced placement. Honors or IBD programs so what the University of San Diego does. They understand that. So they look at every transcript that is sent in. They recalculate it giving a plus some point five for honors and a bump up of one point 0 for AP and IP programs. And that raises the student’s GPA and that’s what they use to look at it when they’re deciding admission or deciding scholarships. So one of the things I found interesting is the amount of scholarship available here at University of San Diego.

 Its sixty three thousand dollars a year cost of attendance room board tuition books fees. Spending money travel it’s quite a hefty sometimes four. They have a great scholarship anywhere from nineteen to twenty five thousand and more than 70 percent of their students actually get some type of aid whether its merit because of their GPA and activities or need based because the family income is low. Don’t take University of San Diego off your list simply because of costs because you don’t know what the net cost really will be to you.

 So when you’re looking at schools look at the University of San Diego for the programs that are available here. What I found interesting is 40 percent of the students at the school actually are in the business school. They’re here because they’re the incredible majors that are here. The number one major is finance business world has ranked the University of San Diego’s undergraduate business degree is number fifty three in the nation. It’s pretty high considering it’s a medium sized school it’s in San Diego it’s not like in New York or Chicago or L.A. there’s very strong business programs.

 So for a lot of my students and my listeners out there are considering business you might never have thought of the University of San Diego. You’re right just a little bit north downtown San Diego with a lot of opportunities within the business field. So for a business consider the University of San Diego. One of the things that the University of San Diego really stressed on my tour was they consider themselves a liberal arts college and liberal arts means while you will come out with a major your first two years are really covering a breath of many different disciplines.

 You have to do a history you have to do some kind of religious theology course you have to do foreign language. In fact there were so many students wanting Spanish as their foreign language that the University of San Diego actually has a satellite campus in Madrid Spain. So a lot of kids love to do their study abroad there and go to Spain where the USC professor is teaching you in Madrid what a great experience that is. And that campus just opened in 2014.

So as a freshman coming into the University of San Diego you’re required to live on campus for two years. There a living learning communities that you join every freshman joins and there they run the gamut of social justice faith and reason. And right now I They are revamping all of them and creating new ones for next year. But what happens is when you’re in that living learning community you are assigned to a professor that becomes your mentor and your advisor for your first two years and students together you get to study together have conversations together really learn about each other and build a familial relationship with each other and be supportive of each other.

 From my international students when asked about what you require you certainly require either the toe fall or the isles test. They’re looking for an 80 or six point five and that’s doable. You can get that score and do your research on the University of San Diego find out the programs here that interest you and apply they are rolling admissions you apply by December you’re going to know by the end of December within four to five weeks you’re going to hear. So this is Kathleen of American college strategies. I’m here to take the stress.

 Out of the college search and application process this is what I love to do on my big trip down here now I get to meet lots of students I get to meet my former students at colleges. But most of all I get to find out. What college will work for some of the students that I work with? That taking the stress out means a lot not only to you but to your families. I understand how difficult this search process is how scary the search process is. It’s not only scary for you but it’s scary for your folks.

 They’re worried about finances you’re worried about will I get it and how am I being judged. I’m the sounding board for that. I want to take that stress away from you. Let me help you. Give me a call at American college strategies and thank you for joining me here at the University of San Diego.

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