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I know I live in Florida but.

It’s pretty cold outside. OK so. No but I rather stay warm. I’m so hungry like I’m not sure hungry but I’m hungry.

You just got to school me. I don’t want to leave my car because it’s cold outside. It’s.

Oh here we go. Let me figure out what I’m going to do. I think I’m going to just go to the library to study and to E and then at E They have my professors have like a Q and A session because we have our exam on Monday. So Yeah I’m going to go to that because I don’t think I have any specific questions I may have but I want to go just to see like what other people’s questions are cause I may have the same question or I might be like you know you know I’m excited for it today though because today we are finally learning how to put in five years.

I know it’s literally the last semester and we haven’t learned how to put a name and Ivy and yet so I don’t really like that I feel like we should’ve learned earlier because I feel like putting in a name you know.

But we’re finally learning how to do that. I’m so excited. I’ve done phlebotomy out work which is kind of similar to putting in an I.V. kinda like you just said I like it further the catheter in but I feel like it’s similar but either way I’m excited because we’re finally officially going to learn how to put in IV’s I try to guide me OK.

My name is happy to be your nurse today. I have an order to start an I.V..

Is that okay. Yes of course. Okay so I’m going to go ahead and get started. I’m sure you have any preferences which you like to use. Oh right. I the term I said it was making sure. It’s not.

Because many is the same right

It’s not that hard to get.

So I didn’t click right here and then I take it for 30 seconds and I’m going to get some clients to see that. Yeah. Yeah think you have to make sure that you do it right above it. Otherwise what was the point.

Yes sir. You know what I’m talking about. I’ve been really busy right now.

I’m going to put on gloves.

No. If you.

Really feel like I’m doing a check out right now it’s your turn.

Well that’s good actually. Yeah. No. I’m not. Here are the words. In the president’s initials day by day right now.

I’m sorry. All Right! You know what I need. They’re right about that. You’re going to need them for it.

This is hard for me. Yeah but I discovered I was really sorry. Oh it’s right here. It was me at the time that list had already so obviously makes my.

Blood is coming out.

Okay so what you’re doing right here I think that’s contaminated so it’s a one for me. So she said angry I take it out.

Open to turn it. So there’s no more pressure to put it. I mean just these clinics have become worthless.

My patient is bleeding out. Yeah all right. I’ve seen this happen and I was. Going to. Wear it does it does. I’m still practicing. It’s fine. It. Was good. This. Is a. Long. Distance. If. You. Saw any. Of. Your friends the entire.

So I left class and I changed came to came to a different campus because me and Courtney are going to study. Gottschalk believe I haven’t had there been Ella milkshake in so long and it’s so good.

The sandwich is just too good just to go in.

I am home now and I’m not going to lie.

I’m tired I’m really tired like all day pretty much like once two o’clock here and I was still in lab. I was like I was dead but I studied afterwards with Courtney for a while and no one’s going to call it a night.

I’m going to try to do some practice questions on my laptop but usually the way that goes is like I do one and I knock out so I’m going to try to like you know stay awake and do some practice questions and I have my exam on Monday I’m kind of stressed I feel like I doubt myself like I know more than I think I do but I still like doubt myself nervous but I have the weekend so I’m going to spend the all day these next two days studying and we will make it work.

 I can do this.

Yeah you satisfy yourself that you can do this. I can do.

This I hope you enjoy this video. If he did give it a thumbs up I really tried my best to film in the lab so you guys could see what I was actually doing because I know the two of the previous two times that I filmed a day in the life I wasn’t able to actually film like in class.

So whenever I like remembering to film I was like oh my film is something that yeah that is ever this video.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you did give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to follow me and my journey I’m becoming an hour and Amazon wrote my intro I haven’t done in a while to follow me on my journey I’m becoming an R N and I’ll see you guys later.

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