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Hey you too what’s up? It’s Katherine and today on the catch path I’m wearing my Cal Berkeley sweatshirt because I’m going to be giving you guy the breakdown and explanation of the whole University of California application that includes UC Berkeley UCLA UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Davis all of the UC schools are on their own separate application platform. If you watch my last video the Common App Stanford application breakdown this video is going to be kind of the same thing but for the UC application where I give you guys all of the information that you actually send to the University of California schools and I will be putting pictures right up here of my entire application yes there will be a few things blocked out because like I said this is my actual application and I don’t want to put things on the Internet like my address and my phone number.

 This video is a bit less of a how to than my Stanford one because once you actually submit your UC application it’s much less accessible whereas common app you can go through all of it anytime even after you submitted. But for UC I can only access now like the final piece of everything I’ve said but I am still able to show you guys all of the information that you send about yourself to the UC schools and what the application looks like. I just can’t go to like the actual box is where you would fill things out.

 That’s OK though. I’m going to be talking pretty fast and putting the pictures on here pretty fast as well. Feel free to pause any time if you would like to read more about what’s on the picture or anything like that. If I don’t answer any of your questions make sure you leave them down in the comments section below. I try to look out a reply to a like every single comment I get. I love getting questions from you guys. This video is going to just be more of a how to add an explanation and a breakdown in showing you the application rather than myself actually putting my own opinion or my own advice into the application.

 I will make a How I got into Berkeley video if you guys want to learn more about my application and if you want to learn how I got into Stanford those videos on my channel as well if you want to check that out. So let’s get started. So the first thing you’re going to do is just Google the University of California application and we’ll be the first Blake that comes right up. Once you create your account which I can’t take you guys through that process because I’ve already created mine it won’t let me go back through that process but it’s very self-explanatory it’s very helpful make sure you use your legal first and last name for when your school has to get connected with it and for when they need to get your scores from the College Board legal first and last name.

 That’s pretty self-explanatory. Let me get into the actual application. This is what the home page will look like when you log in after you’ve submitted it. You can see I have all of these options here for what to do with my application but I’m just going to go ahead and click the View application buttons so I can show you guys the whole application so I’d know if you guys see me looking down on this video it’s because I have all the pictures on my phone right here and I’m just going through them and I’m putting the pictures up here but I am looking at my phone to go through them.

 So the first thing I’ve got up here is the my account information that you send to you see your email legal name date of birth place of birth the star your application you just go ahead and tell them the term that you’re applying in the level this will be the same for almost all freshmen. But if you are a transfer student or you’ve taken a gap year and this might be different for you. Our next section is your address and phone where you just give them some mailing information and some contact information. This is the number that they text you and say this is when your application is due and send you a few reminders and this address is going to be where they will send you your acceptance or denial letters.

 Here you can see they’re asking about your residency. The University of California schools or state schools not private schools they are public schools so this is important to them. You tell them have you attended a California high school do you live in California. You have a parent that lives in California. Your country of citizenship and your Social Security number next you’ll see on the campuses and majors tab. I have clicked every single U.S. school that I’m applying to UC Berkeley UC Davis UCLA UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara all the U.S. schools I applied to.

 Unfortunately you do have to pay the application fee for every single school individually which does suck but once you choose the schools that you’re all applying to for each school you go in and you pick them Major that you’re going to apply to. And if that makes sense

Each school has different options for majors. So for example Berkeley I had to put my number one major US mathematical and physical science which in parentheses is computer science but it’s not straight up computer science for UC San Diego I would say computer science and engineering like each school is a little different so you do pick your major for each school individually and for most of the schools who also pick an alternate major but you can see that for Berkeley you do not pick an alternate Major. And then if you’re applying to UC San Diego they have a very weird six college system where you have to apply into one of the colleges.

 So that’s what you can see at the bottom there UC San Diego I have ranked to the colleges I want to apply to if you guys want me to make a whole video about UC San Diego’s college system. Happy to do that. Next section you can see here is your scholarship section. You fill this out. Towards the beginning of the application and it’s the same for every single UC school. You really just check which scholarships you think you might be eligible for and there is a limit to how many you can check.

 You can see here these are the ones that I check that I may be eligible for. I am not attending one of the UC schools I am attending Stanford so I did not follow up on any of these scholarships after I got accepted. You give them some personal information about yourself. You tell them your language your second language military service. You can see the information here. You do give them information about your parents your family size and income. And again this is a state school so these kinds of things do matter to them.

 You definitely give them much less information by your parents on the UC application than you on the Common App but you can see here that you still have to provide some information about them for the academic history section here you can see that on you talk a little bit about your seventh and eighth grade courses just if you took any high school courses in seventh and eighth grade which I did. It’s not a big deal if you did it. And then when you choose your high school attended your high school should come up like from a drop down menu you can select it you let them know the dates you attended on your diploma the grading system in the period system if you attended more than one high school.

 This is the place where you would say it and explain all the high schools that you’ve been to if you were someone who’s moved around. Once you tell them the high school you attended and the grading system you will enter in all of your grades and all of the courses you’ve taken based off the information that you entered about the grading system in the semesters. So you can see my options were for two different semesters I had to put it in a grade A through F you’ll do this for ninth grade 10th grade 11th grade and 12th grade as you can see here.

 You do put in every single course you put in the class title and the honors level as well as all the grades that you received for it. You do self report your grades as well as having a transcript sent. So just don’t lie on this like they’re going to see your transcript anyways. It’s just a pain in the ass to have to put all this in. I don’t know why you have to do it if they get a transcript but you have to do it. Our next tab is colleges attended while in high school you can see here that I took some courses at the University of Cincinnati while I was in high school.

 For that you enter in the college you attended in their system so the U.S. school is on the quarter system so you can see I had to put in information for all the different quarters which is just a pain in the ass. But it’s the way you got to do it. You put in the course that you take. I feel like this is a section where there’s a bit of ambiguity because things are so different college to college. It was definitely hard for me to figure out how to put the courses into the section.

 I just got a little bit of guidance from my counselor and hopefully this picture helps as an example for how you might have to put your college into the U.S. application. This next section activities and awards is a pretty extensive section you can see that your first little subsection is courses other than a through G. So if you don’t know the A through G requirements are it’s a set of courses that the UC system requires all their students who are accepted to have taken. It’s just things like math science English if you guys want to hold video on a three day course requirements and how to meet those I can make that as well if you’d like it.

 But the first course I have on here is personal finance because it is not of course required by the A through G requirements and you just put in a little blurb about maybe why you took it or what was going on personal finance was just a class my high school required me to take our next section here we have educational programs these you’ll see once I have all the sections up here that some activities might be able to fit into more than one I just picked and choose where I put mine based on what I kind of wanted to fill up.

 But our next section of activities and wars is educational prep programs. I said that I attended a Rotary Club camp. You put the years for each of these the hours in the weeks as well. Our next subsection is volunteer and community service. Let me throw in here that for each of these subsections you only have five spaces to fill things up. So if you have more than five volunteer and community service options you will not be able to put them on there unless you can work them into a different subsection.

 So for each of these you can see that I have blacked out the words that I wrote about each of them but for each of them you do have one hundred and sixty characters I believe is one hundred and sixty two right. A little bit about how you relate to the activity or maybe what it meant to or what you did in case I do make a video like how I got into Berkeley I wanted to block these out just to save those to share in other video you could see again you put the years that you’ve done these activities the hours in the weeks our next section we have work experience like paid work experience again you can only put five things in here and you’ll see there’s the years the hours and the duration on this one so like the period of time that you will work to at this place the next section still in that same activities and awards we have actual awards in honors again there’s only five spaces.

 Should definitely pick the top five You put the type in the date that you received it and there also are those little sections to write a little bit maybe why you got it what it meant to you how you got it. Our last category under activities and awards is the actual extracurricular activity. Again you can only put five and I know a lot of people have more than five like on the common app you have the space to put ten but there’s all those other subsections. So the U.S. application is more about organizing your extracurricular activities I would say like a lot of people think of work or volunteering as an extracurricular but there are separate sections for those who maybe that’s where you put those and then here you would put the extracurricular that don’t necessarily fit in anything else that you might have done.

 So for example I have National Honor Society and here a lacrosse quiz team. And then again there are those little blurbs where you can write about what it meant to you. That’s the end of that section the next section you have is test scores. ACTU S.A.T. subject tests AP exams International Baccalaureate exams and a couple other international things. The U.S. school requires you to send the ACTU or the S.A.T. but if you send me ACTU you have to send an ACTU plus rating. So my best ACTU score was an ACTU that I took without the writing portion which is why I chose to just send my essay t I had about an equivalent score on the S.A.T. as my best ACTU but I might say t I took the writing portion with it and you were required to send something with the writing portion to the UC system.

 So I only sent my S.A.T. scores. You do self report your score as well as having the actual College Board send your score. I did not report any of my S.A.T. subject tests. I did take two but I did very poorly on both of them at least in my opinion I did very poorly so I did not want to report them. They do not require you to have them some colleges do require them. But the UC system doesn’t so I objected not to send those for my college board advanced placement exams.

 I put all of the tests that I have taken and I plan to take. So if you have taken the test you put the number score that you’ve gone for that test and if you haven’t you just put none and they know that they have your schedule they know you might not have taken it yet. I’m an international student so I did not fill out any of those sections. The next section is your personal insight questions. This is what the final thing looks like on the application like the final question. Personal insight personal insight questions you just see the first one that I answer here I am going to put in here all of the questions that you have options to answer out of all of these you only pick for you write for responses for each one they are the same questions each year so the questions I had the opportunity to pick are going to be the same questions that you guys have the opportunity to pick from.

 I felt like it was helpful to think you know first what haven’t I showed them yet what haven’t I put my application somewhere that I want to share about myself I pick those topics and then I went back and I picked which prompts I could place them both with I don’t want to share my essays just yet because again if I make that how I got into or sharing my essays for a video that’s where I’ll put those in there. This is just explaining this part of the application the essays probably definitely no doubt take the most time out of the application they are three hundred and fifty words each and the very last section of the application is just your payment information and your electronic signature taped statement of integrity.

OK guys that is the entirety of the U.S. application you have just seen all of the information that you said about yourself to any of the U.S. schools you apply to you have seen the whole application please let me know if you’d like a view about my specific application and how I think I got into UC Berkeley or into the U.S. schools that I got into I’d be more than happy to make that definitely leave me questions in the comments section below if I didn’t answer anything in this video for you we mean video request I love getting comments from you guys.

 Thank you guys so much for watching subscribe to my channel if you want more college advice if you want to learn more about how I got into wherever I got into and if you want to follow me to Stanford in the fall again thank you guys so much for watching and have a great day.


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