‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 3 Review

Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones was . . . astonishing. This was one in every of the simplest episodes not solely of HBO’s extraordinary fantasy drama, however of any broadcast I’ve ever seen. i am left reeling, dizzy, all my expectations shattered.
Holy hell, that was one thing actually special. i am not even positive wherever to start.
I suppose, let’s begin with the instant right before the Night King was became k items of ice. Shattered, like my expectations, by Azor Ahai.
The clue thereto prophesied hero’s name was forever the letter “A” in spite of everything (and the quantity of letters within the name, for that matter): Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) = Azor Ahai.
The only character during this show whose name starts with Associate in Nursing A and is four letters long. and is not Associate in Nursing Aegon (or Associate in Nursing Alliser, I suppose).
She might have not additional the Night King’s name to her kill list, however within the finish, “What can we tell death?” Melisandre asks as they stare at the fallen Beric Dondarrion, WHO has died numerous times before, all for this moment it seems. All a part of this arrange.
“Not today,” Arya says.
And she rushes off. I did not recognize why at the time.

Then, later, as Theon (Alfie Allen) breathed his last and therefore the Night King walked slowly toward Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright), World Health Organization Sat there therefore calm and then assured and then unruffled, suddenly it hit American state. I turned to my girlfriend and that i same, “Arya’s aiming to kill the Night King.” Jon was there, concealing from the undead dragon’s blue flame, and that i additionally thought we’d see him dispatch a dragon at an equivalent time, however that wasn’t to be. And simply once I same it, we tend to see the wind blow and therefore the White Walkers flip as if a shadow has passed.
The Night King reaches for his blade, however Bran does not mind. He’s calm. He’s ready. His lure is sprung.
Then there she is . . . Arya . . . Azor Ahai, the blue blood that was secure, spring through the dark. The Night King turns, grabs her by the throat, she drops the dagger—the dagger Littlefinger sent with associate assassin to kill Bran Stark, lo these a few years ago; the Valyrian steel dagger that he later told Catelyn Stark was Tyrion Lannister’s, resulting in her sensational the Imp, that successively semiconductor diode to Jaime offensive Ned Stark within the streets of King’s Landing; the dagger, in different words, that helped begin this whole war, meant for the throat of young Bran, whose Direwolf saved him.
We’ve return full circle. Arya catches the dagger in her different hand and plunges it into the Night King. And rather like Bran hoped, once he falls therefore will his army. simply once all appears lost, once the chances become not possible and therefore the dead keep rising and rising and therefore the night is blackest—the army of the dead falls.
The night is usually darkest before the dawn.
I will say this. i’m not significantly sensible at predictions. however I did create some in the week that i am happy concerning. I same that the fan theory concerning the Night King heading to King’s Landing rather than Winterfell was meaninglessness, and that i was right. I same that the dead would get up within the crypts and attack the living—not fight for them—and i used to be right. and that i same that our heroes would win and defeat the Night King during this episode before turning to face Cersei (Lena Headey) within the final 3, and that i was right.
I did not, however, see Arya Stark because the good assassin World Health Organization would, in the end, kill our epic fantasy villain. i like that I did not see that coming back till the instant before it happened (and i am still a touch giddy that I saw it coming back simply in time) and i am joyful that each Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were, in the end, sidelined in an exceedingly approach. Their dragon-riding, fire-breathing antics did little to stem the tide of the dead. Sure, they blasted some wights with their dragon flame, however most of the episode they were lured into one unproductive confrontation with the Night King once another.
Both Jon and Dany’s dragon were taken out of commission and—perhaps one in every of my solely complaints concerning this episode—woefully underutilized within the actual battle. they may are rather more useful burning the ranks of the dead than taking part in chase with the Night King.

Valar Morghulis
Then again, such a lot rattling drama occurred on the field of battle. such a lot that, to be quite honest, i will be able to have to be compelled to dip certain a second viewing to completely wrap my brain around everything that simply transpired. UN agency died? i can not say of course when only 1 viewing, however the most important deaths were:
• Jorah Mormont (saving his queen one last time)
• Lyanna Mormont (in a good David vs Goliath moment)
• Theon (in yet one more redemptive moment of true heroism)
• Melisandre (who did one sensible issue, at last, when such a big amount of horrors)
• Beric (fulfilling his destiny)
• Dolorous male erecticle dysfunction (who saved guided missile, god bless him)
A bunch of individuals within the crypts, virtually the Dothraki, such a big amount of brave fighters and survivors . . . and UN agency else? facilitate Maine out here?

The Night King Was perpetually A Red Herring
You can tell my priorities, I suppose, from however I started this post off. Not with a recap of events, however with the beautiful finale, with the revelation of UN agency specifically Arya is and what her purpose was all this point, and also the purpose of these round her. Not simply Beric, however conjointly Brienne and Jaime and Bran and Jon and every one the remainder. She was the one UN agency, within the finish (and not all on her own), brought down this legendary foe.
But that may not the complete story. that is the funny issue concerning this piece of Game of Thrones, and of Martin’s A Song Of Ice And hearth. In one sense, it’s AN epic fantasy full of magic and villains out of legend and sorcerous swords. In another sense, it is a story concerning knights and kings and peasants, petty betrayals and castrations each real and nonliteral.
That’s why I hoped that tonight we might resolve the epic fantasy half this story, that we might place to rest all this Azor Ahai business and defeat the Night King and retire to what the important beating heart of this story is—and that may not a story concerning wights and dragons, however concerning the sport of thrones.
“When you play the sport of thrones, you win otherwise you die,” Cersei Lannister once told Ned Stark, shortly before he vie the sport terribly poorly, indeed.
And currently Cersei can come to the fore. She and Qyburn and zombie-Mountain and also the Golden Company and Euron Greyjoy. None thus alarming as a military of the dead, however the military of the dead was ne’er the purpose.
It was a pleasant diversion. It united the Starks with Dany. It brought several divergent plot threads along. It resulted in one amongst the foremost epic eighty two minute episodes of tv I’ve ever witnessed. however it had been ne’er presupposed to be the climax. we’ve got 3 episodes left, and this story is much from over.

The Battle of Winterfell
Before we tend to locomote to the longer term of this show and this (tragically) final season, let’s speak a small amount concerning the battle itself. It featured all our favourite characters, several of whom survived. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) survived, and even had a pleasant moment with Sansa (Sophie Turner) down within the crypts—and if you will enable Maine to “ship” a few, please let these 2 unite in holy matrimony and produce their 2 nice homes along in peace and harmony once and for all. Tyrion will use his third best talent to position several babies in Sansa’s belly, and therefore the 2 will rule with wit and justice.
Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) survived, and did little or no of the essence this complete episode, that was stunning. She and Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) each failing over they succeeded, and i am happy that. and i am happy each survived. Also, whereas i am still disturbed that Dany may break dangerous within the finish and switch resolute be the ultimate boss, she was brave and constant and fierce, and even displayed true unhappiness once Jorah fell, and revived my hope in her goodness this night.
At one purpose, I turned and same “I might watch Jaime and Brienne save one another all day.” And it’s true, and delightful, as a result of Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) each save each other within the inside of all that bloodshed and horror, over once. each survive. impart the Seven.
I think that Samwell (John Bradley) survived. there have been moments I puzzled if he was being killed however i do not assume he died. Like I same, i would like to observe this once more. Varys (Conleth Hill) survived, down within the crypts wherever such a large amount of others perished. Davos (Liam Cunningham) survived, as a result of once all others in Westeros have fallen, Davos can stay standing. He had to survive, to witness the Red Witch walk out into the cold waste, strip herself of her magic torsion, and eventually die. She was an honest lady UN agency did terrible things to avoid wasting the planet. Or a nasty lady UN agency did terrible things for the correct reasons. i am unsure.
The Hound (Rory McCann) survived, despite his terror of fireplace. He and Beric helped save Arya. He had to survive in order that he might face his brother, the Mountain. Podrick (Daniel Portman) survived, I think, as a result of somebody can ought to sing a song for the dead. Gendry (Joe Dempsie) survived, as a result of somebody can ought to kiss Arya finally is claimed and done.
And Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) survived, as a result of there’s a god, and his name is R’hllor.

This was one in every of the simplest episodes of Game of Thrones I’ve ever seen. It tied along seven and a 0.5 seasons of story and traditional knowledge, conveyance Littlefinger’s dagger back to the forefront of the story because the fatal blade that over the foremost existential threat to any or all the Seven Kingdoms and to man itself, and it finally disclosed WHO Azor Ahai was—neither Jon nor Dany, however Arya right along.
It managed to kill several nice characters while not being such a large bummer that we’re left deflated and depressed. Rather, we have a tendency to end the episode elated, pumped, flooded with neurotransmitter. Everything from the attractive special effects—those dragons aloft in an exceedingly moonlit sky, that my girlfriend justifiedly noted was terribly the way to Train Your Dragon—to the attractive, haunting sound recording, was simply jaw-dropping.
There were issues, absolutely. The plan of action was straight out of a Hollywood script instead of any quite actual military strategy. you have got a fortified castle, why send the Dothraki intent on die, even with their fiery arakhs? Why have faith in the dragons to lightweight the ditch, after you have several alternative ways in which of creating fire? I might continue, however what is the point?
This was compelling, exciting, edge-of-your seat tv despite these minor problems. I will criticize all day long if the ultimate product is lousy, however the ultimate product here was outstanding in each manner.

Scattered thoughts:
• I knew Arya would say “Stick ’em with the sharp end” once Sansa aforesaid she did not shrewdness to use the knife. That was a pleasant bit.
• That moment with Lyanna Mormont and therefore the large zombie was therefore nice, however i am therefore unhappy she died. What a troublesome, fearless very little leader she was.
• Jorah went well. therefore did Theon. The deaths here were most poetic.
• Is there additional up Bran’s sleeve or can we have a tendency to see the last of our Three-Eyed Raven, or a minimum of his significance to the plot, tonight? I want all the epic magic of this show has been abroach currently, nevertheless perhaps dragons.
• The scene with Arya within the cellars with the wights was terribly Jurassic period Park with the velociraptors.
I’ll add additional to those when I’ve had some longer to digest all of this. i will even have some more thoughts in an exceedingly separate post or 2 tomorrow and through the approaching week. there is most to require in, most to cogitate.
I began reading Saint George R.R. Martin’s books once I was nineteen years previous. i’m currently thirty seven. it has been nearly twenty years, and this can be a flash i have been expecting currently for therefore long, it’s virtually onerous to grasp the way to take it tired, the way to method what it all means that. In some ways, this has been 0.5 a life returning.

Thank you all most for bearing with Maine, and reading these reviews and every one my alternative Game of Thrones ramblings. It means that a good deal. Please let Maine apprehend what you thought of this episode on Twitter or Facebook. More soon!

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