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Top 10 Best University in the world 2020

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Today I will discuss about Top 10 Universities in the world as per reports of QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKS 2020. They research more than 1000 prestigious universities. And I also discuss country wise. Rank Name of Universities Country 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States 2 Stanford University United States 3 Harvard University United ….  Read More

25 Sites For Free Online Courses Website List in 2019

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Online course is one of the best systems in our education system. We can complete a course at home through online courses. It’s a great solution for us. Today I will discuss about these websites. Most of them are free and some are paid. I will discuss about 25 online courses website. Coursera Edx Khan ….  Read More

How to succeed in online classes?

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Hey guys it’s Erica. And I was blessed enough this semester to come back with straight A’s. Thank you Jesus I’m so excited. So I’ve to be a great time to create a how to ace online classes’ video for you guys. I love all my classes. Anytime they have an online option I’m always ….  Read More

Why massively open online courses?

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I’d like to re-imagine education that last year has seen the invention of a new four letter word. It starts with an M. Mook massive open online courses. Many organizations are offering these online courses to students all over the world in the millions for free. Anybody who has an internet connection and the will ….  Read More

All about Online School

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How they rule the Internet. This week I’m going to be talking about home school. I’m basically going to tell you how that starting with home school kind of walk you through my day a little bit. And I also asked guys on Instagram to send me some questions about home school slash online school. ….  Read More

A nursing Student Full Day Activities

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I know I live in Florida but. It’s pretty cold outside. OK so. No but I rather stay warm. I’m so hungry like I’m not sure hungry but I’m hungry. You just got to school me. I don’t want to leave my car because it’s cold outside. It’s. Oh here we go. Let me figure ….  Read More

Campus tour of University of Chicago

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My name is Michael. I’m a third year student majoring in Political Science. From Enfield Massachusetts. Probably hands down my favorite part about the University of Chicago is the number of student clubs we have on campus. The university has over 400 different organizations ranging from nine acapella groups to improve comedy groups to super ….  Read More

Inquiry of The University of Chicago

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Venturing into the unknown. That’s what it’s about. I wake up as a scientist thinking about things we don’t know. Ideas excite me. Yeah. And they have consequences. With each new note you add it as if the whole universe has changed. Let the best ideas come forward. The idea is really do have consequences. ….  Read More

An Article of university of Denver

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Hey guys It’s Gabby. And welcome back to my channel. So today is day two in Hawaii and the program officially starts at like 7:00 p.m. tonight. So for this time before I’m going to go and go to the beach go to a festival go to a flea market. I think that’s the plan. ….  Read More

College tour of University of San Diego

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Hey guys! Going to door Hi guys. Okay so we start off we walk in and we have this nice little thing that no one uses because we actually have key cards that come in. So that’s just. There. And then we come on in here. We have a nice little pad and the cash ….  Read More